Surprise! Hot Wheels 2013 Basic C cases have arrived at Wheel Collectors…

Matt over at Wheel Collectors was more than a little shocked when Fedex knocked on his door with the new Hot Wheels Basic C cases.  He took some quick pics and shot them over to Lamley to show to everyone else.

There are some great models in this batch, including the return of the R34 Skyline, as well as the beautiful 68 Shelby GT500.  These models are on their way to us and we will start First Looks tomorrow.

Check out the Wheel Collectors store to see all the models in Batch C, and let me know what models you want to see first

Some highlights:

11 Replies to “Surprise! Hot Wheels 2013 Basic C cases have arrived at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. Definitely the Barracuda and Shelby! And take comparison pics of their counterparts (the HEMI fastback for the Cuda, and the '67 GT500 for the Shelby :D)


  2. Wow. I like the '68 Shelby and '68 Plymouth a lot. The Police Camaro is nicely done. The return of the Skyline is a warm welcome, after being absent for 2 years. But the biggest surprise is the '08 Ford Focus. Where did that come from? No news, no sneak peeks, nothing! Just came out of the blue (or orange)! But I love it. In bright orange and with that livery and different color for front and rear wheels, it looks like it's in a touring car race. Can't wait to get my hands on them!

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

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