DLMer’s View: Hot Wheels Kmart Days Pick-ups & 2013 Ford Mustang GT…

The weekends are usually dedicated to all things custom.  That won’t be the case this week, as I am preparing for a little excursion out of town with the family to see the new Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

I already have some posts scheduled to drop while I am gone, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, if you haven’t already joined, so you know when the new stuff is up, including some new Boulevards.

So the diecast gods made it very easy for me this weekend.  Instead of the “As is the Custom” post, I will put up some photos of what I came home with from today’s Kmart Days.

The assortment was not really down my alley, but I do want the Dodge A100, so I made sure I came home with 20.  Plus, I figured out some of you would want to see the exclusives get the Lamley treatment.

Some of the New Models in today’s cases have already been featured here (’55 Gasser, Special Edition Camaro), but I haven’t featured the new 2013 Mustang GT in drag.  So let’s start there, and then move on to the Kmart exclusives, then the First-to-Market, then some miscellaneous, then the one error I found.  Not much in terms of commentary, just the photos.


(Kmart Exclusives for sale…)

Hot Wheels 2013 Ford Mustang GT (2012 New Models):

Kmart Exclusives:



Special Edition Camaro trying out a partial Mustang Boss stripe:

One Reply to “DLMer’s View: Hot Wheels Kmart Days Pick-ups & 2013 Ford Mustang GT…”

  1. Man, I just don't like that '13 Mustang casting, LOL. If it was a more modest casting, more like the '10 Pro Stock Camaro casting, I'd like it more.

    Didn't pick up the Corvette Concept, not that big on the casting in the first place and that orange just does nothing for me. Would have grabbed the Cougar Eliminator, but there weren't many in the cases. Forgot to grab the MSD Ignition GTO, too. And I should have grabbed that Cadillac Sixteen, but didn't. Well, I should grab 2, I want to change the wheels on one (PR5s?).

    No AE86s, sadly 🙁


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