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Hot Wheels Basic Batch B, Boulevard Batch K now at Wheel Collectors…

We always get excited here at Lamley when new stuff starts arriving.  We got word last week that new Boulevard and Basics were on their way, and we should have many of those models soon for a series of First Looks.

But in the meantime, if you want a First Look for yourself, head over to Wheel Collectors and grab what you want.  I would say that this batch doesn’t have the plethora of great models that Batch A had, but then again not every batch can have a brand new ’70 Celica, a new Mini, a Porsche, a Subaru, two BMWs, and on and on…

But this batch has an Aston, a Corolla that I know many Lamley followers have gone gaga over, and of course the new ’55 Gasser that pretty much the entire Hot Wheels collecting world has fallen in love with.  There are a lot of models to like.

And Boulevard as well.  I really want to see this Civic in person, and as soon as I do, I will post photos.  As with the Hot Ones, I really don’t know if we will see this final Boulevard batch in stores, so it may be prudent to pick up a few now…

So follow the links, and grab what you want:

Hot Wheels 2013 Basic B Case

Hot Wheels 2012 Boulevard K Case

Once again, many thanks to Wheel Collectors for supporting the blog…


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