2012 Lamley Awards: What is your choice for Best & Worst Regular and Super Treasure Hunt in 2012?

Once again, many thanks to everyone who submitted their choices for Best and Worst New Model for 2012. We have literally had hundreds of submissions, and we will release the results soon.  If you haven’t voted, we are still accepting your choices by way of our Facebook Page or by email at lamleygroup@gmail.com.

It is now time to vote on our selections for Best and Worst Treasure Hunt in 2012. This time, please keep it to ONE CHOICE EACH for:

  • Best Super Treasure Hunt
  • Best Regular Treasure Hunt
  • Worst Super Treasure Hunt
  • Worst Regular Treasure Hunt

Remember, JUST ONE choice for each Treasure Hunt category, for a total of 4 submissions.  And feel free to leave a comment as to why you made that choice.

There was some confusion on what I mean by Regular Treasure Hunt.  Maybe I should call it the Basic Treasure Hunt, but those are the green stripe Hunts, not the basic versions of the Super Hunts. 

And if you need a reminder, just follow the link below to the South Texas Hot Wheels listings:


As always, you have three ways to leave your votes:

As is the case, the more categories you participate in, the better your chances of winning a few of the great giveaways.  So keep them coming…

29 Replies to “2012 Lamley Awards: What is your choice for Best & Worst Regular and Super Treasure Hunt in 2012?”

  1. Best TH – '65 Chevy Malibu
    Worst TH – Surf Crate

    Best Super – '71 Maverick Grabber
    Worst Super – Volkswagen Beetle

  2. Best Super Treasure Hunt: Ferrari 599XX
    Best Regular Treasure Hunt: Ducati 1098R
    Worst Super Treasure Hunt: '70 Chevelle SS Wagon
    Worst Regular Treasure Hunt: Tyrrell P34

  3. Best Super Treasure Hunt: '11 Charger (amazing)
    Best Regular Treasure Hunt: Ranchero (nice and well detailed hot rod)
    Worst Super Treasure Hunt '67 Chevelle (just ugly)
    Worst Regular Treasure Hunt: Shelby GR-1 (lke the Chevelle, just ugly)

  4. Best Reg: 69 Chevelle SS 396
    Worst Reg: Surf Crate

    Best Super: 70 Camaro Road Race
    Worst Super: VW Beetle

    Funny how my top two choices are chevies and I'm not even a Chevy fan

  5. Best and worst T-hunts and Super T-hunts in 2012

    Piores (worst):

    – 151. VW Beetle

    – 056. Tyrrel P34

    – 063. Surf Crate

    Melhores (best):

    – 129. `09 Ford Focus

    – 058. `52 Chevy

    -062. ’65 Ford Ranchero

  6. Best Regular: Chevy Chevelle SS 396
    Worst Regular: '92 Ford Mustang

    Best Super: '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
    Worst Super: '67 Mustang

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