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DLMer’s View of Hot Wheels Hot Ones ’71 Mustang Mach 1, ’73 Gran Torino, & ’84 Mustang SVO…

I want to make sure that the blog doesn’t get ignored while I bury myself in votes for the 2012 Lamleys.  Many thanks for all the submissions, and look for the next category to vote on soon (start thinking of your worst new model of 2012…).
So here are three Fords that have been released in the last few batches of Hot Ones that I have been meaning to show.  I would not consider myself a huge fan of any of these castings, but all three look really nice in their Hot Ones outfits.
There has been quite a bit of discussion about these last batches of Hot Ones.  I have recieved several emails on whether these will be in stores or not.  I wish I knew, but I honestly have no idea.  There are several great models that have been released in these last batches, like the Toyota Truck, Subaru Brat, and Toyota Supra, so I hope they are.  The main concern is that as 2012 turns into 2013, many times some models get lost in the mix, especially with the Hot Ones series ending and Flying Customs getting underway.  I obviously don’t know if it will happen this time, but I will say I am happy to have these in the collection.  So thanks for the questions, but I don’t have the answer.
If you do want to grab these now, they are available at the ebay store of our Lamley friends, Wheel Collectors…
Hot Wheels 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (2012 Hot Ones):

Hot Wheels ’73 Ford Gran Torino (2012 Hot Ones):

Hot Wheels ’84 Ford Mustang SVO (2012 Hot Ones):


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