2012 Lamleys: What is your choice for Worst Hot Wheels New Model in2012?

Alright, this should be fun.

Many thanks for everyone’s Top 3 Hot Wheels New Models. The vote is still open, so if you haven’t given us your Top 3, go ahead and do so here, on our Facebook page, or email it to lamleygroup@gmail.com.

So our next category is bound to get interesting. What is your choice for Worst New Model in 2012? “Worst” can be very subjective. Ugliest? Most disappointing? Bad car choice?

Whatever the reason, give us your worst. And in this case, one selection will suffice. And if so inclined, give your reason why. We will include a few comments when we publish the Lamley Awards.

And remember, every time you give us your choice, you are entered again into our drawing for several prizes.
Once again, if you need a refresher, head over to South Texas for the list and photos:


Thanks everyone…

32 Replies to “2012 Lamleys: What is your choice for Worst Hot Wheels New Model in2012?”

  1. 1. Creeper – I'm sorry, it's plain stupid.

    2. Growler – Can't think of a comment for this one.

    3. Bentley Continental Supersports – only on this list, because it was a huge disappointment for me. I wanted a MBX Continental some years ago, but Mattel took MBX away from Brazil. I didn't get to find said model. When I saw HW was going to sell the Continental this year, I was happy… until I saw the miniature itself. The MBX Bentley is far superior, the HW version was a let down. Those two models were shot side-by-side on this site, the pictures show clearly the differences between Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Although I want a Continental in my collection, I refuse to buy the HW model, because I'm sure Mattel can make a better miniature. Pfff…

  2. I'm not interested in models like Quicksand, Angry Birds, Eagle Massa etc., etc. So I can write only about those models of real cars that disappointed me. I know 1971 Plymouth RoadRunner isn't the worst new model – it's even quite fine but it could be much, much better! The front isn't detailed (I did it myself), interior is chrome, chassis too high, wheels oversized and all in all it's too large. So – Roadrunner is the greatest disappointment to me…
    Dominik, Poland

  3. 1 – Growler

    This is just plain ugly and while there are plenty of 2012 new models I want want but are impossible to find, this one is always on the pegs no matter what store I go to.

    2 – Troy Soldier

    3 – Spin King

  4. 1 – hypertruck
    2 – eagle massa
    3 – troy soldier

    In my opinion, Street Creeper, Altered Ego and Mad Splash are very interesting miniatures, expressions of criativity, not just strange and ugly hot wheels.

  5. I have to politely disagree. The Bentley was one of the better releases this year. And as for the differences between the HW and MB versions….there were supposed to be. Because the HW version is the Supersports model, as opposed to the STANDARD Continental model from Matchbox. And on top of that, the HW version was a faithfully casted rendition of the real Supersports model. Since the differences are very subtle, pictures really don't do it as much justice as actually holding it in your hand. I have about five and I am quite satisfied with each one.

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