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Model of the Day: Tomica Limited Vintage Toyopet Crown Owner Deluxe…

There have been a few people that have told me I show a little too many Japanese models.  Oops, I did it again.  Actually it has been quite a while since I put up a Tomica Limited Vintage model, and there are still a lot more to get to.

There are several reasons why Tomica’s premium lines get attention here at Lamley.  I would say reason number one is because they do models in 1:64 that no one else does, especially when it comes to Japanese cars from days past.  Hot Wheels’ efforts to put more nostalgic Japanese in the line have thankfully introduced many folks to these cars, so logically a next step would be to have a gander at Tomica Limited Vintage.  That is the exact path I took.

Another reason I like to feature TLV?  Look at that photo at the top of the page.  If you copied that photo and showed it to anyone, could they instantly tell that the car was the same size as a Matchbox?  They would probably assume they could walk right up to it, get on in and drive it away.  That has nothing to do with the quality of the photo, it has everything to do with the quality of the model.  Precise realism is not a huge priority in my interest in collecting, or I would be collecting 1:18.  But when you see this kind of quality in 1:64, it is hard to ignore.  And go see what else is out there, and you will see there are a ton of TLV models that share the same high detail…

I won’t even try to collect all of the TLV, as I have started way too late.  When I dug into what was out there, this model stood out.  Black may not be the best color to see the details of a model, but there is no denying a black car is always ready for a night on the town.  I want a diverse collection of Japanese cars, and this to me is the best version of the Crown out there…

(Find the latest TLV at Daboxtoys Model Cars…)

Tomica Limited Vintage Toyopet Crown Owner Deluxe:


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