Announcing the 2012 Lamley Awards: Time to select your Hot Wheels Models of the Year…

I have always liked year-end lists.  Top 10 movies of the year.  Best TV shows.  Worst TV shows.  Best inventions.  Best books.  Worst albums.  You put it in a list, I will read it.

We want to do the same with the models we love to feature here at Lamley.  As the year progresses, we all have models we love, models we hate, models we don’t care about, models that surprise us, and models that disappoint us.  Why not review it at the end of the year.

So we at Lamley are excited to announce the First Annual Lamley Awards, or “Lamleys”.  It gives us a chance to present our Models of the Year, and also gives our readers a chance to have their voice heard.

And why are we doing this in October?  Well, first off, we are only doing this at this point for Hot Wheels.  Hot Wheels has jumped into 2013, and 2012 will soon be long forgotten, so we want to get your choices while the models are still fresh in your head.  Will we miss a handful of recolors?  Yes.  But the longer we wait, the more everyone has moved on.

So this only works with your participation!  Over the next few days, we will ask you to give us your choices in the categories we list below.  You can give a Top 3, or just one.  It doesn’t matter (no more than three through).  We will count every model mentioned, and whatever model is mentioned the most will be the reader’s choice for that category.

(And who knows…we might decide to draw a few winners among those that participate, and give away a few of this year’s faves.)

There are three ways to let us know your choices:

  1. Let us know on the Lamley Facebook Page.  When we ask the question here, we will also ask it on Facebook.  Just reply there.
  2. Respond to each post here on the blog.  If you use your name, we know who you are.  If you use the Anonymous option, we won’t.  That means you can vote for a model as many times as you want, but also means we won’t know who you are if we decide to give something away…
  3. Email your selections to

Whoever you do it, let your choices be known.

So what are the categories?

We will select 2012 Hot Wheels models in each of these areas:

  1. Best New Model
  2. Worst New Model
  3. Best Overall Basic Model
  4. Best Regular Treasure Hunt
  5. Best Super Treasure Hunt
  6. Best Non-Licensed Model
  7. Best Variation
  8. Best Premium Model (select from Boulevard, Nostalgia, Racing, RLC, Event/Promotional Models)
  9. Best Collectible Model (select from Hot Ones, Cars of the Decades, Mystery Foil Packs)
  10. Best Overal Hot Wheels Model

10 Categories, and we will present each winner here at Lamley. 

One other thing.  Trying to remember everything put out in 2012?  Don’t worry.  Rob over at South Texas Diecast has graciously allowed us to use his catalogs as reference.  So when we ask you to give us your choices, we will post a link to the appropriate catalog listing on South Texas.

So get your formal-wear prepped, and be ready to vote…The Lamleys are coming!

The first category will come up tonight…

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