First Look: Hot Wheels Hot Ones Subaru BRAT…

I am counting down the days now.  My new company car has been ordered, and I just got an email that it is being built this coming week.  I have no idea how long it takes to get built, shipped, and prepped, but someday this month or next I will get an email telling me to head over to a nearby Ford dealership.  There, I will pick up my new 2013 Ford Escape SEL and leave my beloved 2011 Subaru Legacy Limited.

I am sure the new Escape will be nice.  I drove it, and it was sufficient.  It looks good, especially compared to the last generation Escape.  But it is not a Subaru.  I started my relationship with my Legacy exactly two years ago, and 83,000 miles later I have to reluctantly end it.  These 83,000 miles have included trips to several states, all over most of Utah, through piles of playful snow, and more than a few speed sessions through the Virgin River Gorge.  After one year in the Subaru, my wife and I were convinced we wanted another, so we bought her a new Tribeca, and we are quite happy with it.

This process also started a relationship with a fantastic independent Subaru Dealer here, Nate Wade Subaru.  They know I share in their joy of all things Subaru, and one time let me test drive the new BRZ while I was waiting for my car to get serviced.  Happy times.  Nate Wade also has a little Subaru museum, and Nate himself is a collector:

When I return to Nate Wade I will take a few more photos.

So, yes, I am a big Subaru fan.  And yes, I am sad to see the Legacy go.  But my love for Subaru will continue.  And that brings us to the supercool light blue car in the middle photo above.  The Subaru BRAT, or Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter.  Use its proper name and your appreciation for its awesomeness grows ten-fold.

This is how I remember Subaru.  Always different, and always driven by different people.  The BRAT epitomizes that maybe better than any other Subaru, and thanks Hot Wheels for finally giving it some proper love.  Not only am I happy for its most excellent Hot Ones debut, but for what the future will bring for the casting.  Boulevard?  Basic?  Just start thinking about that growing BRAT collection, and you can’t help but get excited.

This is such a great choice by Hot Wheels, and compliments new castings like the Honda CR-X so well.  We are pushing our concept of classic cars into the 80’s, and I am glad Hot Wheels is leading the charge…

(And remember, we don’t know when and even IF this last batch of Hot Ones will be hitting stores.  You can always get this over at the store of our good friends Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Subaru BRAT (2012 Hot Ones):

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  1. We as a family had the four door estate, it was a great car, and it lasted for years, the engine was as strong as the day it was made, just a shame the body rusted away…. my dad who is now 70 still remembers the car and wishes he had another.

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