Variation Alert: Hot Wheels metalflake grey Aston Martin One-77 with MC5 wheels…

I haven’t done a vari alert in awhile, but that does not mean the variations are not being found.  In case you are not aware, there is a little corner of my collection that consists of Hot Wheels’ sports car casting wheel variations.  I have already shown a few here on the blog, but there are a few more still to show.

When it comes to wheel variations, the most common reason they occur is for the sake of efficiency.  In the Hot Wheels factory, the machine never stops.  If the wheels slated for a particular casting run out, and it will be a few minutes before the supply is replenished, then other wheels are used.  My guess is, if possible, some thought is put into what wheel type is used as a replacement, and the chrome-lipped MC5’s serve as a logical replacement for the chrome-lipped PR5’s.  We have seen that switch happen on the BMW 2002, BMW M3 GT2, KITT, as well as others.

Here is another.  The latest recolor of the 2012 version of the Aston Martin One-77 comes with chrome-lipped PR5’s.  Except for a small handful which have been found with chrome-lipped MC5’s.  I was able to acquire one, from a collector who found two at a Toys R Us in Florida.  (If you are wondering, the second is accounted for.  It is headed Down Under to our good friend Vinnie.  If you are on the HWC vari boards, you know who Vinnie is…)

There have not been very many found, but if someone says the term “rare variation” in the same sentence as “Aston Martin“, my ears perk up.  It is a perfect addition to the wheel vari collection.

Hot Wheels Aston Martin One-77 (2012 metalflake grey recolor with MC5):

There is something interesting to note with this variation.  Since its debut in 2011, the One-77 has sported five different wheel types: OH5, PR5, J5, 5sp, and now MC5.


2012 white

2012 red

2012 chrome-lipped PR5

2012 Walmart-exclusive redline 5sp

Of course the one wheel type I would love to see on the One-77 is still yet to be used – the 10sp.  Our friend Lim Rikmun at least gave us a preview of what they would look like:

To me, there is a clear wheel winner…

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  1. Love these, I have a 2011 NM w CRBlkPR5s…Only found one. posting photos on the Boards…

    Keep up the awesome job!


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