First Look: Hot Wheels ’70 Toyota Celica…

Would it be anticlimactic to already name my 2013 Hot Wheels Model of the Year right now?  I haven’t even selected my 2012.  While I agree it would be premature, it will be hard for any New Model to top the new ’70 Celica.

This is always a fun time of year, because Mattel is starting to give us a taste of the new line.  We have three new models in this batch – the Celica, Mini Countryman, and the Batman Live Batmobile – and we have seen a list of a few more heading our way, including the Flinstones Car and a Porsche 918 Spyder.  And we can anticipate a lot more new models to come.  Subaru BRZ?  Ferrari F12 Berlinetta?  What Mustang(s) will be done?  What Camaro(s)?  More j-tin?  Who knows…

I am sure there are plenty of models that potentially can beat the Celica as my favorite of the year, but it will be tough.  Two years ago, when Jun Imai and Hot Wheels gave us not one, but TWO classic Skylines, the Japanese car nerds were happily speculating on what might come next.  Me?  My hope was Celica all the way.  So you can imagine my excitement a few weeks ago when my regular morning visit to Japanese Nostalgic Car revealed the news.

Now that I have it in hand, the model does not disappoint.  The GT stripes, the side flares, the side exhaust, and my favorite detail, the headlight covers, it all looks great.

What a way to start 2013.  Let’s see what else it brings

Hot Wheels ’70 Toyota Celica (2013 New Models):

Alongside its JDM counterpart:

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