Celica v Camaro v Mustang v Skyline…

I should start by saying I am in no way an expert when it comes to the design cues and influences of one car to the next.  There is an ample number of websites that can help in that department.

But one thing I thought was interesting is how many people at HWC mentioned that when they first saw the sneak peaks of the ’70 Celica they thought they were looking at the HW COPO Camaro.  I liked this.  Too many times over at HWC, less-informed collectors will get in raging, assumptive  “muscle vs j-tin” debates that frankly just make the participants look a little too dense.  We all have our preferences, and trying to argue those as fact can be somewhat entertaining to the reading audience (stupidity can be entertaining at times), but more frustrating to those that enjoy collecting a little bit of everything.  And that is why seeing some collectors mistake the Celica for a Camaro was awesome.

The muscle-car influence on the Celica is clear.  In fact, the early ’73 Celica Liftback has been called the “Mustang Celica” for obvious reasons:

Hopefully the connection between Detroit muscle and Japanese Nostalgics will help folks appreciate both types of cars.  That is one reason I have loved seeing the plethora of Japanese cars that has infiltrated the Hot Wheels lineup.  If you are a fan of the ’69 Camaro (and who isn’t?), how can you not at least appreciate the Celica?  And vice-versa?

So why not take a few photos comparing some of the Hot Wheels versions, and smile at the fact that we are getting $1 versions of all of them?

COPO & Celica

70 Celica & 70 Camaro

Celica & Mustang (Jun, mind throwing together a 73 Liftback for 2014 to make this comparison easier?  Thanks a mil…)

Skyline & Mustang

For kicks

And one last tasty treat of a photo…

I am sure there are quite a few more models that merit some comparison pics.  I welcome any ideas…

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  1. I am included. I too thought it was some sort of a Camaro when first looking through the HWC preview pics. Those two really look so similar to each other, no wonder it caused all the confusion. BTW, thanks for those comparison pics.

    – Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

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