Model of the Day: Kyosho Ferrari 599XX in black…

This is another model that I don’t need to write much about.  The 599XX has gotten a lot of attention from Hot Wheels collectors, because Hot Wheels collectors love their Treasure Hunts.


How great was it that Hot Wheels pulled a fast one on collectors last weekend and made the regular Hunts hidden as well?  I was at an event in California, and watching collectors pass by cool casting after cool casting in search of a hunt was kind of sad.  Then they complained that there were no regular hunts, and had discussions on which of the models might be the most valuable. 

True bummer, eh?  People can collect how they want, I have no problem with that, but you must have started collecting at some point because you liked cars, and now it has morphed into collecting just hunts?  Again, not everyone, but a surprising number were there just for the hunts.

So it was joyful to know they all left hunts sitting lonely and ignored in piles of leftovers.  The collectors now know what to look for, but for that brief moment when no one knew?  Priceless.

End of Tangent.

Anyway, Hot Wheels collectors have been clamoring for the 599XX, because it got the Super TH treatment this year, and in my opinion was one of the best-looking models in the entire lineup for 2012.  So since the 599XX has been noticed, how about a gander at the amazing Kyosho version? 

I like to put these models side by side with their Hot Wheels counterparts not to show the better of the two, but to A) Compare the size, and B) show how great it is to have a $1 version that looks so good, as well as a $15 version that stays the same size and can show even more detail.  I love having both models.

We have shown the Hot Wheels version a couple of times, and here is our first look at the Kyosho.  Look for more colors, and even the “Secret” Kyosho 599XX, here on the blog in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, remember Daboxtoys Model Cars is one the best places to find these amazing models, at the store or on ebay

Kyosho 599XX in black:

It doesn’t matter if you’re…

The cousins:

3 Replies to “Model of the Day: Kyosho Ferrari 599XX in black…”

  1. I absolutely agree on what you write in your tangent and have made this observation myself many times wondering how collectors get so obsessed with hunts when Hot Wheels releases so many exciting non-hunt models and messes up (in my view) the odd hunt (2012 Scuderia???).
    HW 599XX? One of the most beautiful castings ever for me! Just purchased a second one of the Supers for my display collection, so I can view both main angles at the same time 🙂
    Thank you for your excellent work, I love rading your posts!

  2. I agree with Chris, i only had the 599XX from Speed Machines series but is a gorgeus variant.
    I want the Kyosho in red, but is very hard to find :/

    PS: Love your quote of “Black or White” 😀

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