Model of the Day: Aoshima Nissan C110 Skyline 4-door…

I am very happy in Utah, and I am not leaving anytime soon.  But I need my occasional dose of SoCal.  Since I left Los Angeles, I am always surprised at how many people congratulate me for leaving.  I always reply that I miss LA, and they ask what I would miss about that overpopulated city.  I always tell them I miss the smog, the traffic, and the grime.  And I am not lying.  That usually confuses them enough, and they go off plan their next trip to Disneyland.

What creates the traffic, smog, and grime is also what makes the city great.  It cannot be described.  It is unique to LA.  And that is why this video does it best, without words:

Does it get any better than LA time lapse shots and M83?

If that is not enough, then watch the opening credits of Drive.

I love that the freeway system has to be learned.  I love that everywhere you exit, there are places that people want to or have to be, and you have no idea why.  I love the tunnel at the end of the 10 that unveils the ocean.  I love that Eagle Rock was one thing in the 50’s, another in the 80’s, and something completely different in the 2000’s.  I love that a Bentley can be parked next to an almost-finished Cressida at a food truck at midnight.  I love that the westbound 210 Freeway is busy at 2 AM on a Saturday morning.  Westbound.  Those folks ain’t going home.

So while the weather was incredibly hot, I still had a rejuvenating weekend. 

What do I want to be driving at 2 in the morning on Sunset right off the PCH?  5 years ago it would have been an exotic.  Today?  A yonmeri.  Four doors have always been better than two, right?

Living in Utah does have one major advantage, and one of these days I hope to have a 1:1 yonmeri to enjoy.  Until then, I am happy to have a couple of Aoshima versions.  These Aoshimas are hard to come by, but totally worth getting…

Aoshima Nissan C110 Skyline 4-door:

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