Brand new ’87 Toyota Hilux is out over at Wheel Collectors…

It has been a very hectic has 24 hours.  I have been in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, I have been fighting a cold, and the temperature gauge on my car said 107 degrees here in Pasadena.  Walking around the fashion district of LA in 100 degree heat magnified by a sea of concrete, while you have a cold, it is not particularly fun.

I am back at the hotel after a stop off at Zankou Chicken, and am working up the energy to brave the heat again tomorrow at JCCS.  It will be easier, since I will be looking at automobiles instead of miles of fabric. 

So while I put together Part 4 of our look at Jun Imai’s JNC models, how about a little preview of the First Looks going up next week?

I just got the latest Hot Ones from Wheel Collectors, including the new Toyota Hilux, that many Lamley readers have been very excited about.  There is also the new Blazer and Torino.  All will get the Lamley Treatment when I return home.  You can get these now, just head over to Wheel Collectors and snag them.

(Oh, and I might have an extra carded Hilux with me over at JCCS, so come and find me…)

Also, if you are going to JCCS, there is one booth you shouldn’t miss.  That is the booth of Jeff Koch, Hemming’s auto writer extraordinaire and the only diecast seller at JCCS.  He has several contacts in Japan and is bringing some amazing stuff to sell.  Stuff that is incredibly hard to find the US.  And not just diecast.  1/24 scale models come to mind, as do old magazine ads featuring your favorite JDM cars.  I had dinner with Jeff in Phoenix the other night, and left with these:

You can see a couple of TLV’s, another color of the “not-Kyosho” Pagani, and three drop-dead cool Aoshima models.  All of these will be featured on the blog in the future. 

So if you will be at JCCS, go pick up some goodies at Jeff’s booth…

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  1. You're staying in Pasadena? I'm just down the street from you in Alhambra. I even have one extra wristband for tomorrow's event, which I may or may not go…I plan to go to Kmart in the morning first.

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