JCCS Week Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X…

It is officially JCCS week, as we look forward to the upcoming Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, California on September 15. The Lamley Group will be there, and is taking the week to celebrate:

This week I will spend time in four different cities.  It started where I live just south of Salt Lake City, then Tuesday it was off to Phoenix, Arizona, where I am now.  Tomorrow I fly to Las Vegas, where I idiotically will get in a car and drive to Los Angeles.  Don’t ask why I am doing this.  I needed to be in Phoenix for meetings, and in LA for JCCS, and it although most jaunts to Vegas are for kicks, this one is to meet my wife and drive with her the rest of the way to LA.

It makes for a crazy week, but I want to keep these fun JCCS week posts going, even if I am about to collapse.  We have already shown the AE-86 and Datsun 510, and we have three more.  And this one today is a fave of many a Japanese car enthusiast.

I don’t know what most JDM fans would designate the signature nostalgic Japanese car, but I know hakosuka (hako = Japanese for “box”, suka = Japanese pronunciation of Sky) would get a lot of play.  Many consider it the Mustang of the Japanese car world, and it has the looks and attitude to merit that comparison.

When you start getting to know more about this car, it is surprising it took as long as it did for Hot Wheels to do one.  Don’t call it a complaint, because I am glad it is out now, when Hot Wheels design is better than ever.  And this one is an instant classic, and one of Jun’s best.

But let’s just hope we see it again soon.  The great thing?  Both the hakosuka and kenmeri were done by Hot Wheels and released the same year, 2011.  The bad thing?  We haven’t seen a recolor or another version since.  But it has only been one year, so maybe we will see something in 2013.  Let’s hope so…

Hot Wheels & other 1:64 Skylines for sale…

Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X:

2012 New Models:


That is it.  One version.  We need more.  So for now, enjoy a no-side-tampo version I acquired awile ago (and opened), and one of my all-time favorite customs done by Brian Laurence:
No tampo

Black custom by Brian Laurence

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  1. The Vintage Racing Minilite wheels are perfect to replicate the scale Watanabes; I, too, am anxiously awaiting multiple color variants on this. What I'd REALLY love to see is someone de-GTR one of these, minus wing and flares, add on bumpers, and make it a bone-stock machine. Just because! I'd do it but I have no talent.

  2. Casting is speechless, one of the few cars to buy multiples of…BTW, there is a Kmart Collector Day tomorrow, and of course, JCCS as well. Anyone hitting up Kmart before going down to the LBC?

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