First Look: Hot Wheels Mars Rover Curiosity…

Hot Wheels does get all the fun, doesn’t it?  Maybe we will learn the story behind this model at some point, but it would be interesting to know who approached whom.  And how much risk was involved.  If this mission failed, are the dumspters at the factory full of Wall-E looking castings, while the crew works overnight to produce another Mustang?

Who knows.  Who cares.  The mission has been a success, and all the JPL nerds have Hot Wheels to take home with them.  That is cool.

I have been on a few forums reading about the response to this model.  I think there is genuine excitement about it.  Although some have said it does not have the details of the real thing.  Uh…….duh!  It is a representation of the real vehicle, and a great little diecast model to have.  The demand for it has been crazy high, and once it hits the pegs it will probably be grabbed up like Super Hunts, at least for awhile. 

Now, we know the real thing can gather, analyze, and transmit all kinds of valuable data, but we still don’t know one key piece of information about it.  How does its Hot Wheels counterpart perform on the track?

Who is going to figure that out?

Hot Wheels Mars Rover Curiosity (2012 New Models):

Find the Mars Rover Curiosity at Wheel Collectors

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