First Look: Hot Wheels Boulevard ’55 Corvette…

I think this happens a lot to collectors.  You read or hear about a new model coming out in the future.  You don’t think much of it.  You read or hear about the model hitting ebay, or dealers, or the stores.  You don’t think much of it.  You find the model on the pegs.  You HAVE to HAVE it.

The new Boulevard ’55 Vette is exactly that.  The Hot Wheels lineup is not exactly starving for Corvettes.  And if you are not a huge Vette fan, then sometimes they all seem to mesh together.  I think there have been at least two different 50’s/early 60’s era Vettes in the mainline the last couple of years, and I didn’t notice they were different until researching this post.  In fact, I think I figured that the ’55 Vette in the Boulevard lineup was just a reused casting, and didn’t even notice it was new.

That is until Matt at Wheel Collectors called me and told me I had to showcase this model on the blog, and sent it to me.  Dear friends, this is one I think most of you will want to pick up, Vette fans or not.  It is simply stunning.  And just as stunning as the real thing.

This one caught me by surprise, but is already happily housed in the collection.  It is one I wish got the recolor treatment, as a white one would be a must have as well.

You like it?  Go get it at Wheel Collectors

Hot Wheels ’55 Corvette (2012 Boulevard):

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