A special Model of the Day, as chosen by our 700 Likes contest winner: Hot Wheels Dropstars Nissan Skyline GT-R R32…

Many were wondering when we would announce the winner of our Facebook 700 Likes contest.

Well, we finally can.

The randomly drawn winner of the very rare 2011 Gathering of Friends Matchbox Mustang California is Ir Ahmad Zulhazim (call him Hazim) of Malaysia.  I have had a little chat with Hazim, and have learned that he is headed to the United States shortly to study mechanical engineering at Ohio State University.  That is very exciting, we wish him all the best, and am glad we can give him a very nice house-warming gift.

So the 1 of 125 M.C. International Gathering of Friends Matchbox Mustang GT CS, graciously donated by Jim Gallegos, will be on its way shortly to Hazim.

In the meantime, we asked him to pick today’s Model of the Day.  Here is what he had to say about the charcoal grey Dropstars R32 Skyline:

“This is my most beloved Hot Wheels car.  Every time I played with it I sense the younger me when i was a kid.  Happy and excited.  Besides being a popular collectors model, I love this car because its beautiful and sporty.”

I think most of us have a model like that, and Hazim gets style points for picking a Skyline.  I think mine was a Dixie Challenger or something.  Ugh.

Anyway, this is also one of my favorite versions of this casting, and it is a good one to make the Model of the Day.

Thanks again Hazim.  Enjoy the Mustang, and good luck at THE Ohio State University…

Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 (2006 basic range):

Hot Wheels Skylines for sale…

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