Preview: some of the upcoming Matchbox displayed at the Gathering….

Here are some poor quality iPhone photos of upcoming 2012 and 2013 Matchbox models, displayed by the Mattel team at last month’s Gathering. Most of these were seen in Shabbir Malik’s final Ambassador report.

Some have just started to appear in Australia, so I thought I would get these out while they are still relevant.

4 Replies to “Preview: some of the upcoming Matchbox displayed at the Gathering….”

  1. Wow! Will be looking out for the 911 GT3 (looks awesome with that livery and the red interior) and the Z4 (another beautiful car). And I can see one more addition to the National Parks Series in proper color, the Ford Super Duty.

    – Black Wind, Swifty's Garage.

  2. Love the Buick, love the style, love the wheels. I'll buy it the second I see it, and scout out half a dozen more for trading friends around the globe. THAT SAID … The notion that the Buick can only be done is a police car seems needlessly limiting. Only CHP and select other units ran Buicks back in the day; the ability to do a two-tone Century coupe in civvie trim is lost to all but the customizers among us.

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