Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2010 5-pack Ferrari 612 Scaglietti…

A favorite Hot Wheels tradition? Seeing what models they put in the Ferrari 5-pack each year, and then finding said models.

The relationship Hot Wheels has had with Ferrari can only be described as “fruitful”. It seems there is at least one New Model each year, there are several in the basic range, and even a few in the premium range. That is a good thing, especially since most of the Ferrari castings Hot Wheels has done of late have been quite nice.

Yet, the 2012 5-pack didn’t do it for me. I didn’t like the nostalgic wheels on the 308, and wasn’t too excited about the choice of castings. But others loved it, so I can safely say that I am sure I will like the 2013 version. Maybe we see an Italia, or an FF, or even that fabulous 599XX. Lots of possibilities. Of course once they do release it I will show it off here.

Now the 2010 pack? Loved it. Any time you get three models you collect, that is a good 5-pack. And this one had the California, 250 GTO, and the 612 Scaglietti.

Now the Scaglietti is not my favorite Ferrari. Far from it in fact. The car itself is a bit bland and it did not take long for it to look dated. But I like it for the doors it opened at Ferrari, and now we have the FF, which is a far better take on the large tourer, and even the 599 replacement, the spectacular F12 Berlinetta. (Could it be a 2013 New Model? Mr. Hot Wheels, give us the F12 and a BRZ/FS-R and I will be very happy…)

Man, I need to get to the point. Tangent City! Sorry.

Ok, I like the Scaglietti casting.  There are only three versions. One from the Ferrari Racers, one from the Speed Machines (and part of a very short run), and this one from the 5-pack. We could use a couple more, but I’m not complaining.

Find a Scaglietti…

Hot Wheels Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (2010 Ferrari 5-pack):

5 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2010 5-pack Ferrari 612 Scaglietti…”

  1. One of he best Ferrari castings from HW, ever.

    The first models they did are a bit fuzzy. I don't like the F40 and the F50 Hard Top, for example.

    But since i collect every Ferrari HW does, they all come to the garage.

    By the way, your blog inspired me on doing one myself, following the same idea. I don't have a mini studio or a professional camera, but if you could check it out, it would be a pleasure to hear from you on the comments.

  2. ^ The F50 Challenge (hardtop as you said) was a fine car mate! Don't need to hate it.

    Back to topic : Now that's a very good casting done by HW. The car is gorgeous, the red paint is just beautiful, the interior color is also nicely chosen, the wheels work very well, but the stripes are a bit unnecessary. I am desperately searching for this 5-pack (basically, because that's the only way to obtain this car). Oh and thanks for the photos.

    – Black Wind, Swifty's Garage.

  3. Then what you though I was talking about? The Hot Wheels version, obviously. That is a very nice car (and casting) mate, especially the 2007 All Stars version. It's just like the 612, takes a getting used to.

    – Black Wind, Swifty's Garage.

  4. Sorry, dude. English is not my first language and i got a bit confused along the phrases.

    As you said, maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it. But anyway, the stence is a bit too high for a Ferrar. The spider version is better on that. But this is only my opinion…

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