Matchbox Monday: David Tilley’s Up-Close with the Outdoor Sights 5-pack…

Last week DT profiled what most Matchbox collectors (including me) consider the best 5-pack of the year, the Police 5-pack.  He is back with another pack this week, the Outdoor Sights pack, which is out in most places except the US.

From DT:
Ok this week we do an up close with the Outdoor Sights 5-pack.  This is the second 5-pack of the year to include a trailer inside which I always feel is a great plus.  We start off with an old favorite.
The 1970 VW T2 Bus.  Sadly we are not seeing a basic range version of this model this year, which is a real shame as it is such a popular vehicle.  So this may be the only one we see this year.  Well I have to admit, this is a really nice version.  It comes in red with a “Camp Matchbox” logo on the side.  It is a very simple side tampo, and I think this works really well.  It could almost be a classic style livery, but still has enough of a modern twist to it to appeal to many people.
I know some like the front/rear tampo print on this model, but I do not mind the side printing only.  It looks pretty realistic.  I think this is probably my favorite model in the pack.
Next up we have the MBX Motorhome.  The yellow windows are not to my liking (thinking smoke would have been better), but that is the only small complaint against the model.  Although you cannot really go wrong with the side swirls.  Of course it would be nice to see some different side designs, but I am not one to complain about the swirls.  I do like them.  The shade of green is also really nice as well. 
It is nice to see a model that does not get much use.  The Ford F-series with raft makes a return after a 3 year absence.  Amazingly it still has the same sawblade wheels on it.  But I do like this model, and am always happy to see more versions of it.  It is a nice simple design again, and the logos on the side really work here.
What I like about both these 2 models are that parts of the models move.  The rear opens on the Motorhome, and the raft tips up on the Ford. 
Next up we see the Honda Ridgeline in black.  Again this model sports a rather simple side design, reminiscent of how it looked in 2011. 
It is there to pull the Travel Trailer which this year comes in white over orange. 
I like how these 2 go together.  I do enjoy seeing the trailer units in packs, and with only a few Hitch ‘n Haul sets appearing, these 5-packs are now the main source for finding these pairings. 

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  1. Years ago, Larry Wood (of HW fame) told me “A license with Volkswagen is a license to print money.” When I was at JL a decade back I put a VW or two in every licensed series we had, just so that SOMETHING would sell if the series tanked. And many did…yet JL maintained sales in what was a double-digit-declining market year-to-year.

    Last year we saw an all-VW 5-pack…well, I say “saw” as if they were simple to find. They disappeared fast, and that was probably the point. This year, we get the Bay Window T2 in a 5-pack, so any VW fans have to buy the whole 5-pack to get the one model they want. Clever marketing by the MB people, says me. Want a VW? Buy a 5-pack. Spend $5 or 6 instead of $1.

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