Matchbox Monday: A new National Parks livery…

We are still showing off a few of the newest Matchbox models, and one of the models is the Land Rover Discovery in National Parks livery.  Now I probably should not capitalize that, because the Forest Service and National Parks designs we have seen the last few years are non-licensed liveries designed by Mattel, but look very similar to the real thing.

Nonetheless, this running theme the last few years has been popular with collectors, and I think we are all happy to see it continue.  For the most part, there have been two distinct designs that various models have sported the last few years – Forest Service (which we profiled a few weeks ago) and National Parks (which we will profile in the next few weeks).  There have been some other Fire and Ranger vehicles as well.

Well, add a third – the Fire Tower vehicle.  This one is quite different from the other two, but shares enough similarities to merit some comparison pics.  The Fire Tower logo on the door has a similar shape to other National Parks vehicles, and it shares the checkered stripe below the door.  What is different is obviously the color, and the yellow and green checkered design.  That makes me think this is supposed to be a non-US livery, which would be a very cool thing.  Readers from overseas, any input?

There is a Mid-Cape in Massachusetts, and I know of Cape Town in South Africa.  Who knows what it is meant to be.  I do like it, and hope we see more vehicles sporting the design.

And thanks Mattel for putting the three liveries on the Disco, making comparison pics really easy.  Very nice of you.

Matchbox Land Rover Discovery (2012 Basic Range):

2 Replies to “Matchbox Monday: A new National Parks livery…”

  1. Will be looking out for that '12 model. That Landie sure looks good in that Dark Metallic Green, or BRG as I like to call it.

    – Black Wind, Swifty's Garage

  2. Can they bring the national park land rover with the mint green. (last picture vehicle on the right) That was a great one, and i would gladly spend my money on it. 🙂 or something similar to this.

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