The Lamley Group Model of the Day: HW Racing Custom ’12 Ford Mustang…

Since this model has been out awhile I don’t think I can designate the post a First Look.  But it is a First Look for me.  I have been trying to find this model and the Ford Fiesta from the Racing series for a few weeks, and I finally succeeded at Walmart.

This is a series that does not excite me too much, but I have purchased four models so far because I like the castings – Hyundai Genesis, Nissan 370Z, Ford Fiesta, and this one.  The Mustang I was particularly interested in because this is the debut of this model.  And I like it.

Some of these custom versions Hot Wheels has done have gotten better and better.  I am a big fan of the Honda S2000 casting, for example, and now prefer it to a stock version.  That is not something I would have expected even a few months ago.

And while I really like the Mustang, I hope to see it in mainline clothes at some point.

Hot Wheels Custom ’12 Ford Mustang (Racing Series):

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  1. I do not possess a raging hatred for Hot Wheels as some (ie, anyone who blames Brand Blue's dominance for squeezing the life out of Matchbox) seem to have. That said … c'mon, ANOTHER post-'05 Mustang? How many do we really need?When this comes out in the basic line, as it inevitably must, I will grab one, because I am a sad nerd who needs one of each casting; I'd grab one of these when they turn up, but I prefer my tires black.

  2. I don't collect all the '05-up mustangs. Some have a great stance as this one does. As soon as I find a second one I'll do my wheel swap. It needs it really, really bad. Stew

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