First Look: Hot Wheels Porsche 914-6…

There must be a smidgen of competition on either side of the hallway.  Many times in the last few years both Hot Wheels and Matchbox have produced models of the same car.  The list is quite long, and many times there has been a clear winner.

In the case of the Porsche 914, it is hard to pick a winner.  The Porsche 914 had always been on the wishlist for my colleague David Tilley, and he was very surprised and happy to see Matchbox finally do one.  The model was released looking wonderfully stock, and was liked by most collectors.  But not by others.  The Matchbox 914 proved to be a poor seller, and has been scrapped for the line for now.  I am sure we will see it again.

Now enter the picture a new Hot Wheels 914.  Much more of a racing version, it makes its debut in the Boulevard line, which means it gets real riders and just a little more love.  And it looks fantastic.  I almost always prefer stock, but in this case the HW Porsche just looks awesome.  It fits nicely next to racing Datsuns, Nissans, BMWs, and the like, and I think it will prove popular.

If anything, people are bound to pick it up just for the awesome wheels…

Hot Wheels Porsche 914-6 (Boulevard Series):

As always, this and all the other new Boulevards are available over at Wheel Collectors.  Head over to their ebay store and check out all they have for sale, and get 10% off when you mention the Lamley Group…

3 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Porsche 914-6…”

  1. I'm not so sure we will see the 914 back in the Matchbox lineup, as this looks like it was the same casting, modified.

    Could you make a post comparing all the way-too-similar Matchbox and Hot Wheels of late? Bentley Continental, this Porsche, Dodge Charger & Charger Drift, and others?

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