Matchbox Monday: DLMer’s view of the 2007 Gathering exclusive 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA…

Well, it is still Monday here in the Mountain Time Zone, so this still counts.  Friends in Australia and Malaysia, you will have to bear with me as it is practically the middle of the week where you are.

I said I would bookend the next three Matchbox Mondays with DLMer’s views of some of the exclusive models Matchbox has done for the Gathering of Friends in years past.  No one except for a select few know what the models will be this year, but it is always one of the more exciting aspects of the Gathering.  I can promise you that I will have the trusty iPad ready to blog when the models are announced.  I hope to have photos up within minutes of their unveiling.  These models NEVER disappoint.

And here is a great example of how cool the exclusive are.  Back in 2007 I was contemplating my first visit to Albuquerque, and I finally chickened out.  I would go for the first time the next year, and I haven’t missed it since.  Two years later I started taking my two daughters in order to give the wife a long weekend off, and now it is a tradition no one wants to miss.  I honestly think my daughters look forward more to “Albuquerque” than they do Christmas.

But I digress.  Back to the Alfa.  It is awesome.  My Lamley partner DT was there in 2007 and was able to get one of these for me, and it still one of my favorite Gathering models.

A fun fact:  This is the only version of the Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint that is not either red or white.  As I pointed out in a previous post about the Alfa, the licensers would only allow Matchbox to do the model in either color, because the real one was only done in red or white.  Matchbox was unaware of this beforehand, because they would not have done the model had they known that was the case.  That is the main reason why this casting was retired.  There were no new versions they could do.

How this one got through the cracks is unknown to me, but the debut of this model in the basic range was at about the same time as the Gathering.  Maybe Alfa approved the Gathering design before they made their decision about red and white only.  But whatever happened, at least we have one very cool and unique racing version.  You can still find this rare model out there for sale, but be prepared to pay.  It will always be in demand.

Matchbox 1965 Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint GTA (2007 Gathering exclusive):

3 Replies to “Matchbox Monday: DLMer’s view of the 2007 Gathering exclusive 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA…”

  1. I would get this model, but for the fact that it has the MCCH on the roof. And thus I will enjoy the pictures, but want nothing to do with it since it has those four letters. Sound crazy? Probably, but I don't really care – MCCH is no longer what is was.

  2. I would get this model, but for the fact that it is a matchbox and those models are for grumpy old farts to whine and complain that they don't get what they want. I can't get what I want I'm going to stop collecting again year after year boy it gets old!

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