First Look: Hot Wheels Eagle Massa recolor in blue…

This is for all my Brasilian friends.

The Eagle Massa is very popular model there, mainly because of the gentleman who designed it, Brazilian Formula One racer Felipe Massa.  And how cool is it that the original debuted in green and yellow, and now the recolor shares the same colors as the alternate jerseys for the Seleção, blue and white.  Nossa!

Anything Brazilian has a special place with me, as I lived in Curitiba, Brasil for a couple of years and experienced two defining events in the country – Aryton Senna’s death and the World Cup win in 1994.  Both events showed the passion of the country, and it still burns with me.  I love Brasil.  

That is one of the reasons I have enjoyed my interaction with Doug Fernandes over at T-Hunted, other than the fact that he has been a huge help as I get the blog off the ground.  I have noticed I have a lot of irmaos do Brasil following the blog, through Doug’s help at T-Hunted, and I could not be happier about it.

So here is a First Look for you guys – the recolor of the Eagle Massa.  And don’t worry, there will be plenty of Brasilias, SP2s, Amazooms and Opalas in future posts.  

So always know the Lamley Group loves Brasil/Brazil, so keep supporting us and make sure to tell your friends!  I want a huge following from my favorite country…

Hot Wheels Eagle Massa (2012 New Models recolor):

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  1. And on the subject of Brazil (I like "Brasil" better!) let's hope Matchbox can someday issue their Saveiro in some sensible colour combo with front detailing!

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