The Lamley Group Model of the Day: HW Ferrari Racers Ferrari 430 Scuderia…

Now the Ferrari Racers was quite the series.  I think it is that series that bore the Speed Machines, putting the super car collectors in a true hog heaven.

I was a little late to the game on the Ferrari Racers, and there are still a few I want that I have yet to track down.  It also does not help that a good number of them could only be found overseas.

When I started procuring the Racers on my want list, this model was at the very top, sitting beside the 308, which we profiled earlier this month.  Both were new castings debuting in the series, and both were superbly done.  This Scuderia was the first one I acquired, I think from Malta of all places.

I still think the 430 is one of the last Ferraris of the brand’s ugly stage, but the Scuderia was just that much better-looking than the normal 430, making it a good looking car and setting the stage for the jaw-dropping 458.  Now Ferraris are beautiful birds with nasty demeanors again.  That is how it should be.

Hot Wheels Ferrari 430 Scuderia (Ferrari Racers Series):

And yes, I am very aware it is a Treasure Hunt this year.  I am trying to find the no tampo vari to do some comparison pics before I give it the Lamley treatment…

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