DLMer’s view of the new version of the Hot Wheels ’83 Silverado…

Obviously castings get modified, sometimes because they have to (broken molds, licenser tweaks, etc), and sometimes because someone wants to.  The former seems to be the case here with the Hot Wheels Silverado casting.

Just a couple of weeks ago we profiled the Hot Ones Silverado, and it was just a couple of days later that the modified off-road Silverado ended up in our hands.  Outside of the obvious height and base difference, the new version has enhanced front/rear bumpers and side steps.

Hard to say which one I like better.  I guess I should say that I like having the variety.  Both look great.  This is not a model that will take a ton of room in my collection, so having these two is just fine.

Any preference on whether it is high or low?

Hot Wheels ’83 Chevy Silverado (2012 Off-Road Racing range):

As is the case with many of these models, the racing Silverado came from Wheel Collectors, a great supporter of the blog.  Please check out their store, and remember, if you mention the Lamley Group you get 10% off your order.  And Like them on Facebook for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate!

4 Replies to “DLMer’s view of the new version of the Hot Wheels ’83 Silverado…”

  1. You know what? I just got the Hot Ones Silverado because of the pics i saw here.

    Mattel owes you one haha

    Between these two, i think i like the Hot Ones more.

  2. High or low? I'd rather have one casting in between. I think I'd choose the lower one, I like those wheels! But not that window colour… Still, its nicely retro.

  3. I hate those wheels on the low one, but I like it better in general. Still, I wish there was a stock one. I'm a huge fan of completely stock pickups. A HUGE fan.

  4. I love this version '83 Silverado! I bought it in pre-sale in wheelcollector store, I really did not want to miss this great casting!
    I would like to have the stock version too, like SeattleO I'm a HUGE fan of pickups too.
    I have an '87 Toyota Hilux 2wd restored and the best news I received this year was knowing that my pickup will come out in the hot ones series. Unfortunatly the version will be the 4wd and I wanted the 2wd version so that it will be exactly like mine, even the front grill is the same. Well, it's a start, I hope one day they turn the 4wd version into the 2wd 😛 like they did in this silverado but in reverse 😀
    Thanks for this very nice photos!

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