The amazing custom work of "Steady Hands" franklin2700…

On my last night in Denver, I was able to have dinner with one of my oldest friends in collecting, Brian aka Franklin2700.  If you have ever been on HWC, MCCH, or many other forums you have probably read one of his posts.  I always enjoy a good chat with Brian, and he did not disappoint as well in that he brought some of his latest customs.

Brian’s approach to customizing is one I really admire.  He essentially enhances the Hot Wheels and Matchbox models he works on.  In many cases the original design of the model is still there, only Brian will go in and swap the wheels and detail the model.  The art of detailing is Brian’s biggest strength, and there may be no one better.  His ability to freehand grill details, tail lights, and other small details is simply amazing.
Last year Brian surprised me at the MCCH Gathering by giving me a custom of one of my favorite models, the HW Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X.  I had shown him some pics of a version I really liked, and sure enough he duplicated it.  The results are simple, but stunning:

This Skyline is one of my most cherished diecast possessions, and has a special place protected under plexiglass on my desk.
Last night when Brian pulled out a few more of his latest customs, I was not disappointed.  Mr. “Steady Hands” had struck again.  A handful of BMW’s and a Camaro were his latest beneficiaries, and they were fantastic.  At the end of the dinner, Brian surprised me by giving me two of them.  I was shocked, but very happy to accept.  After being photographed, these two BMW’s have taken their spot next to the Skyline:

I like taking the close-up photos on these because you can see that these small details were done free-hand, which is simply amazing.  And check out the interior of the M3.  Brian does not let any detail opportunity pass.  I can’t figure out which one I like better, so I am just happy I have both.
I asked Brian if he would allow me to post photos of his customs as he finishes them.  He is quite busy and cannot churn them out very frequently, but as he finishes them he promised me he would take pics and let me post them here.  Here’s hoping Brian finds time to do more, because I can’t wait to share more of his work.

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