A special Lamley Group Model of the Day…

Who would have thought my trip to Denver would be so inspiring?

My wife and I came here to see the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective at the Denver Art Museum. Design in all forms is a great passion of mine, whether it be architecture, home, furniture, art, fashion, and of course, automobiles and toy cars. Seeing the work of true revolutionary in design at the YSL show was a treat, even though many of you may wonder why I took a week off from work and spent half my day looking at women’s pantsuits and gowns. Sorry, but I loved it.

After that, we found ourselves in Design Within Reach, which sells many of the pieces of our favorite furniture designers. We ogled over the Eames pieces, and even left with a new hanging light for our kitchen. Once again, it was great to be amongst great art and design.

Then today, we visited the Clyfford Still Museum, which houses almost all the works of one of our great American artists and a father of abstract expressionism. Another two hours of standing in awe at the work of a true original.

So what does all this have to with a blog that posts photos of toy cars? Well, it has to do with the response. Watching my wife react to each Yves Saint Laurent piece (a pause, maybe even a hint of outwardly emotion), made me think of my reaction to the best of car design. One of the things I love about cars is the mix of art and utility. Not all meet the designation of “art”, but a lot do. I have reacted to many automobiles the same way that my wife reacted to certain YSL pieces, and that is why I collect tiny cars. I love that I can get creative representations, done by great designers in their own right, for essentially a dollar. I don’t have the money for a real Toyota 2000GT, but if Jun Imai would get his act together and do one for Hot Wheels, I will happily fork over the $1.07 to get it.

So for today’s post, I will celebrate my week lost amongst great art and design, and post photos of models of my favorite cars.

All of these will appear on MotD at some point, but for now just enjoy…

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  1. Cadillac Sedan Deville – 2010 5-pack
    GMC Stepside – 2011 basic
    Jaguar E-Type – 2009 5-pack
    Toyota Land Cruiser – 2009 basic

    Each of these models will be Models of the Day at some point and I will make sure to point out all the details. Thanks!

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