The Lamley Group Model of the Day: HW Boulevard Chrysler Turbine…

Today’s model is an interesting one.  It is a new Hot Wheels model this year, and from I have learned a long-awaited model for many diecast collectors. 

Here is where I come clean and tell you I knew nothing about the history of the Chrysler Turbine until I bought the model.  I don’t buy a ton of the Boulevard series, mainly because most of the models don’t intersect with my collecting interests.  In this case I am like the person who picks the Super Bowl winner based on which uniforms they like better.  I bought the model because it looked cool.
It was only after that I learned a little more about it.  No need to rehash its history here.  That is what Wikipedia is for.  But it does make it all the more interesting to have this model.  This is a great choice for Hot Wheels, and I think they made the model look a little sportier than the real thing.  I like that.  I would also like to see if it ever makes it to the basic range.  
Hot Wheels Chrysler Turbine (2012 Boulevard Series):

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  1. Back in February I photographed Leno's Chrysler Turbine and got to go for a ride in it. I can now die a happy man. That car is so rich in detailing it's actually made me want to track down an old JoHan kit and try to build it. In particular, the center console is probably the sexiest piece of detailing I've ever seen on a car, possibly ever. Sounded like a hairdryer though.

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