A Lamley Group contest! Who will win a HW VW Micro Bus?

It has been fantastic to see the support the Lamley blog has gotten since we started a few weeks ago.  We hit our first milestone today with 100 Likes on Facebook.  Many many thanks to those of you visiting the blog often.

We are hoping to continue to grow.  So we thought we would do a little contest.  We are pushing for 300 Likes on Facebook as soon as possible, so here is an incentive.

As soon as we hit 300 Likes, we will draw a name from those 300 friends and pick a winner.  The winner gets this:

Yes, it is one of the most sought-after Hot Wheels premium pieces this year – the Hershey series Volkswagen Micro Bus.  It never stays on the pegs long, and I was lucky enough to come across this one early one morning at a local Walmart.  Now it will go to one of our lucky Lamley Facebook friends.  It doesn’t matter where you are – US, Brazil, Europe, Australia, etc.  Whoever gets drawn gets the bus.  We will handle all the costs.

If you have already Friended us on Facebook, you are already entered!   No need to do anything else.  What you can do is go to your local clubs, online forums, blogs, and the like, and let everyone know about the Lamley Group blog and tell them to join us on Facebook.

If you haven’t, follow this link or just scroll down and look to your right.  You will see the “Find us on Facebook” box, and just Like us there.  Now you are entered as well.  It is quite easy…

We hope it is worth giving us a daily visit, and friending us on Facebook is the best and quickest way to know there is a new post up.  And always let us know if there is something you would like to see us do on the blog.  We are always open to suggestions.

Get those friends over here, and good luck!!

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