It’s my travel week. Doesn’t mean I stop taking photos…

Every three weeks I spend a week in Southern Utah in the city of St. George. This means I am away from my trusted photo studio, and am unable to take the photos I would like.
But that does not mean I cannot dive into the Lamley archives, which I will do shortly and throughout the week.
In the meantime, here are some iPhone photos of what I came across today.
I haven’t had a haul like this I think ever. The bin was placed a bit away from the toy section near the fabric area, and according to a lady there had been sitting there since Saturday. Not bad.
One thing I was happy to see? A destroyed card on the Super Camaro. Now there is no debate on whether it should be opened. I promise to give the Camaro, DW-1, and Malibu the proper photo treatment this weekend…

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