DLMer’s view of Matchbox Batch G…

I started and have maintained the MCCH Catalog for the last few years.  There are many great sites that document Matchbox from all eras, but I thought there was a need to create something documenting current Mattel-produced models AND their variations.  I continue to maintain it (and rebuild it after a bit of an accident a couple of years ago).

I thought I would post any additions here as well.  So here are the models from Matchbox Batch G:
If you are a car collector like me, obviously this is not the most exciting batch.  We still continue to watch Matchbox and see where they are headed with casting choices and designs.  It is no secret that this year has not been a favorite for collectors, it will be interesting to know if it was a good year for the brand retail-wise.  I guess we will get an idea in July at the Mattel-sponsored Matchbox Gathering, not to mention in upcoming Matchbox Ambassador reports by the current Ambassador, Shabbir Malik, which will be posted here.
One other note.  The last model pictured, the Sahara Survivor, has a card error.  It appears that the early batches erroneously show last year’s model:
That has been corrected.  As reported by two former Matchbox Ambassadors, Chuck Wiersma, who found the long card, and Lamley Founder David Tilley, who found the short card:

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