HW variation alert: Mystery cars COPO Camaro and 92 Mustang…

I came across some additional Mystery cars today, and decided on a whim to pick up an additional COPO Camaro.  I am glad I did.

I posted this model yesterday:

Well, today I found this one:

Do you see the difference?
Maybe these photos will help:

If the shots in my little studio don’t show, maybe yellow light will:

Yep those colors are completely different.  One is a large metalflake, and the other a more dull gray.  I have no idea if one is more rare than the other, but I guess we will find out as more of these show up.  Incidentally, both have the basecode E03.

There is another variation to report.  I remember this photo from HWC member Jim9999, posted a couple of months ago when the second batch of Mystery Cars was just being found:

Look at this one I found yesterday:

Maybe this photo is better:

My Mustang is sporting wide rear wheels, while the model photographed by Jim has thin rear wheels.  Again, no word on which is more rare, but definitely worth checking for…

By the way, come back to the blog tomorrow, where we will continue the Model of Week photos of the Matchbox Ford GT, as well as photos of a couple of very cool variations…

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