May 15 Lamley Model of the Week (Part 1): Matchbox Ford GT (2nd generation)

As promised, our first post to profile our Model of the Week.

Like we stated earlier, the MotW is something pulled out of the collection, could be current, could be retired, and photographed for your enjoyment and use.  The hope is to every day post photos of different versions, variations, and errors if we have them.  This week’s model has lots.

Since this is the first Model of the Week profile, why not pick one of my all-time favorite castings?  The Matchbox Ford GT has been very popular since its debut in 2005.  Of course the original Matchbox Ford GT40 has been a collector favorite for years, and this newer version follows in its footsteps.  And the boys over at Matchbox have put together some beauties.

There are only a few cars on the road that stop me dead in my tracks.  The Ford GT is one of them, and Matchbox did a dead-on replication.  This casting also represented Matchbox’s return to realism after a wacky foray into the Hero City debacle.

For Part 1, we look at the four I consider the best looking versions:

2005 New Model – iconic red

2006 Basic Range – historic Gulf colors

2007 Basic Range recolor – menacing orange and black

2006 Superfast ROW (rest-of-world) version – not found in US, and part of an extremely rare short-run batch.  This one came to me via a collector in Australia, Jono Crellin, about 7 years ago, and I have only seen a couple since available for sale (I indulged and bought a second).

There are many more to come, so look for Part 2 tomorrow…

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