Matchbox Monday energises the E batch Moving Parts with a Creation

You know the score. It’s Monday. This means a new report from me is out about a Matchbox batch. As always, I am posting it on the Wheel Collectors website. They so kindly sent me batch E of the Moving Parts series to showcase. I also added in another of the Mattel Creations models on top, as I am thinking it is easier to slip these into other batches, rather than continue to talk about them on their own. The Porsche 911 Turbo had enough of classic content that I could make a whole article out of it. But the Ram Ambulance? Even doing a deep dive on National Parks may be a stretch. So, no, I threw it in here, as there was already a Ram in the mix. If you click here, you can go to my Matchbox Monday page on their blog. I hope you enjoy the report.

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