Italian dad in a hurry : Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm (BBR Models 1/64)

Here is a car I did not want to miss. Alfa Romeo models are quite rare at our scale and when new models are announced or released, there is not time for hesitation. BBR models 1/64 had announced the Alfa Romeo Giulia a long time ago and it is finally here. Some sources say that it is produced by Mini GT, what is highly probable as far as the car looks like a lot at a Mini GT. BBR models seems to have licences for most Italian cars like Alfa Romeo, Maserati (MC12 coming soon, MC20 already released) or even some exciting announcements about new Ferraris.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is not a super recent car has it’s career began in 2015 if I’m right and is still now a very desirable sportive sedan car. I instantly loved it back in time so it’s with a great pleasure I can count this BBR 1/64 in my collection today. The version shown today is an extreme version called “GTAm” which is the most powerful Giulia on the market with an engine developed with Ferrari (540hp). The car gets enlarged wheels arches, adjustable spoilers and carbon parts. The GTAm also gets a roll cage that BBR exactly released (and which replaces rear seats!).

The replica is very good. I love the Rosso GTA and the carbon parts (and roof). BBR/Mini GT are really the best to replicate carbon aspects. The rear spoiler is also very fine. Mirrors are solid parts and not smooth like most Mini GT are. Rear windows are tinted, and the stance of the car is perfect for a perfect roller. Let’s add that the windows forms are really perfect.

Sadly, two points could have been better. In my opinion, the rear wheels arches are a bit shy and could have been wider, to look more aggressive. And the wheels … have a good design but are blank like Mini GT models, and you miss brake disks and calipers (that are incredibly cool in yellow on this car!). It’s sad this brand cannot push it a little more on this aspect.

Overall, the car is great, is heavy (metal on metal) and represents the perfect ultimate Alfa Romeo. It’s a must have for me and once again, I’m happy to have a premium version of the Giulia, after my beloved Majorette models (and some Matchbox). BBR models/Mini GT step up the game and you can see how diecast models have been improved through years with Kyosho Alfa Romeo models (4C and TZ3 Corsa) comparisons. The BBR Giulia can be found on eBay.


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      1. That’s a pity, though from the look of things BBR/Mini GT definitely did a better job. I was just surprised that the TW version even existed; I didn’t even know it did until I saw it in a store. Sadly we still haven’t gotten the BBR from our local distributor here, even though they’re already taking preorders for a second color. :p

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