Matchbox Monday delves into the D batch of Moving Parts

Batch D of the Matchbox Moving Parts series is quite small. 5 models. But, that does not mean they do not look cool. A funky colour, a gorgeous new casting, a chance to use the word “hell”. Hell, yeah! I am thoroughly enjoying these releases. The Moving Parts series is definitely my favourite part of the Matchbox line, and thanks to Wheel Collectors, I am keeping right up to date with new releases. As per usual, the blog report will be popping up on their website, which you can go to here. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Guess what ?, surprise, surprise !!!. While looking what’s newly listed on Ebay, i saw new (recolor) version of Matchbox Moving Parts 1963 Ford F-100 pick up truck ! This guys starts popping up quickly ! Model is now red, progress over earlier beige version ? What do you think ?

  2. With Matchbox Moving Parts #18 1963 Ford F-100 Pick-up truck showing right now on Ebay, we can pronounced line-up for 2023 as whole and complete, atleast for those who were able to buy the stuff. You can feel 2024 line is approaching 🙂 question remains will it be more of the same lack experienced this year ? Truth be told i was able to buy only three different Matchbox Moving Parts throughout the year 2023. Moving Parts series like many other series is simply unavailable.

  3. While watching yt today, i stumbled upon a video of Matchbox Basics 2024 mix 1, actually not my cup of tea to say the least, maybe 1970 Ford Ranchero (blue version) will sweeten my time while waiting for beefier mixes, also they did a huge huge mistake by not putting recurring model from 2023 mix 12 -1986 Ford F-series, which means you won’t be able to get it if you missed the 2023 mix 12, what a letdown 🙁

  4. A very scrupulous and well-detailed review as usual, Alex. I wish all diecast had the same attention given as your reviews! The Moving Parts are my favorite line as well. I don’t mind paying $3.00 or so in the US for these models considering what you get. Collectors really doesn’t add much for the extra $2. The wheels on that premium series are rather generic and not better aesthetically-speaking. The Moving Parts are often the difference between “I must have that NOW.” and “Oh, maybe I’ll add that to my collection on another visit.” I was surprised and quite happy when the 1964 Buick Riviera made it into the Matchbox Moving Parts line. Hot Wheels created a masterpiece of the same car in 2016 when they produced a limited edition premium set for the San Diego Comic Convention as part of a diorama that mimicked a publicity photo of Leonard Nimoy dressed in his Mr. Spock character posing with his beloved ’64 Buick Riviera. The model was re-released a few years ago in metallic maroon as part of the Boulveard series. One of the best Hot Wheels casting ever, IMO. The Matchbox model adds the “Matchbox magic” with the opening doors. With so much product released each year between both Matchbox and Hot Wheels, I see more “same models”, like this Riviera. Yes, the detailing on this is superb, and the only thing that Matchbox needed to do to make it a ’63 was spell “B U I C K” out across the boot lid. I love the GM cars of the early 1960s, and this is one design that was lauded in the UK and on the Continent. Both Sergio Pinninfarina and Enzo Ferrari were very positive of the styling of the car, and I remember seeing it in a couple of then-contemporary British TV shows (The Saint and The Baron) and films (1964’s “The System” aka “The Girl-Getters”) in the 1960s. Customizers get their hands on the cars these days, but maybe that is a good thing to preserve otherwise unwanted fixer-uppers? Myself, I’d love a pristine, low-mileage example, and should have made an effort to get something like this as my first car. At least I have both Hot Wheels and Matchbox Moving Parts models to look forward to in a variety of upcoming recolors as they happen?

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