New Nissan GT-R R33 LM Limited, LeMans Pace Car and Nismo 400R : Inno64 at it’s best

And here we go, again. Please make a warm welcome to three new entries in the Nissan GT-R family by Inno64, as stated above a street LM limited version, an official pace car from 1997 and a grey variation of the Nismo 400R. A really audacious program from the brand … let’s discover it.

The Nissan GT-R R33 LM limited comes in Champion blue and commemorates the Nissan GT-R R33 LM entry at 1995 24h of Le Mans. It’s an ultra rare R33 limited to 188 units (both LM Limited and V-Spec). Besides the special blue, the LM limited has a front special hood lip (not released here maybe due to the small size of 1:64 models) and a carbon fiber spoiler. It also gets special decal on the C pillar and a Nismo insert on the side of the rear spoiler. Finally, a special exhaust. Inno64 almost reproduced all those details as mentioned, and also chose to make tinted windows. For sure this LM limited is very interesting and I hope collectors will appreciate the limited edition aspect of this car! It’s not just another random blue R33. I really appreciate it, this one will go on display.

The second R33 release in this September batch is the 24h of Le Mans official Pace Car (1995). Surely a special model that I particularly appreciate as a French racing fan. All written in French, which is cool “Direction de course” meaning race direction or control. It gets a very 90’s deco with all the Nissan tampos on the hood and on the doors. Let’s appreciate the clean yellow band all around the car. Looking at the ramp lights, it seems very simple but is mostly accurate. The “Le Mans” track and logo can be spotted on the doors and the hood too. The 1997 24h of Le Mans was scored by a Porsche WSC.

I really appreciate this model too, and you can feel the theme in this batch with two 24h of Le Mans related models. Since an AutoArt version (1/18 scale), I don’t think we have seen this model elsewhere. Thank you Inno64 for this release.

Finally, our R33 tour will end with a third iteration of the Nismo 400R already featured here in yellow and red. This one takes the cake easily to me. The silver paint with the black tampo works perfectly and the wheels have been improved! The size is a tad bigger such as the points around the wheel. The result is very satisfying and the 400R gets a much more aggressive look. Inno was not perfectly satisfied with the previous wheels so they did not hesitate to improve for the next release.

Models can be found on eBay, check it out.

You can see on this quick comparative the large amount of work there is between a first shot prototype (previous special version “raw”) and a final version.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. I wish I could share photos, but I got the Le Mans pace car. What a cool and unique release. I shared photos on my instagram @worldofonesixtyfour with the rest of my 1997 Le Mans racers. I really hope Inno64 does more Le Mans cars. On that note, MiniGT revealed their Buggatti EB110 a couple days ago and I hope they do a LM livery on it soon.

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