Matchbox Monday can “C” the third Moving Parts of 2023

Moving Parts. This is my current favourite range from the Matchbox portfolio. I find these are so awesome. So far, everything appears to be licenced. The designs on the models are nice and simple, and everything looks so realistic. All for such little cash. This is why I love collecting these things. Due to lack of availability in the UK, I am very reliant on Wheel Collectors to keep me supplied with these. I would struggle without them. So I am very happy to pop this report on the third batch of 2023 in their blog page on their website. It goes live today. Click here to go to my blog page on their site, and I hope you enjoy the read.

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  1. I love the 1963 Ford F-100 series. this and 1964 Buick Riviera and 1957 Ford Country sedan, but i have to tell you that i feel Divco should be a constant part of the series, it’s so collectible, i mean so many colour versions, love it, just love it.

    1. I agree 👍 I love that Divco van.
      That would be great if it had “Milks the one” logo on the sides . Like the early 80s Peterbilt tanker.
      It could be the new MB38 Ford van for promonal too.

  2. Now that we know all the mixes for 2023, it’s time to sum it up… Lots of cool new castings, 53 different models made it into production, one model didn’t… which one ? I’m almost sure, it was this orange Lamborghini that was shown at this years Matchbox Gathering, who knows, i maybe wrong though.

  3. Thanks to Matchbox World we know the very first mix of Basics for 2024, it should be available sometime in November 2023, really you want to release 2024 stuff already ?, so where is the Basic mixes 9 thru 13 2023 ? They haven’t finished releasing the missing mixes and they already want to release new ones, what is this? What a joke, it’s laughable.It’s hard to call Mattel serious.

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