Matchbox Monday starts running through 2023 promotional items

I’m back. I was going to do this lot last week. I had it in my head, I was home from the USA Saturday evening. A good night’s sleep, and Sunday I would get going on everything. Then the jet lag caught up! I ended up sleeping half of Sunday away, and when I did stir, I had no energy for anything, and ended up vegged out on the settee watching TV. I just couldn’t. So, I knew I had no choice but to skip a week, allow myself time to rest up and get my energy back. So here we are. A week later than I planned it, but my little rundown of the 2023 promotional scene for the Matchbox so far. As usual, this will pop up on the Wheel Collectors site during Monday, and this link will take you to my Matchbox Monday page on their website. I hope you enjoy the report. With thanks to Jim Gallegos, Michael Heralda, Everett Marshall III and Abe Lugo for their help with the details.

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  1. Funny how time flies ! I mean i remember how excited i was after 2022 Matchbox Gathering when they announced a 4-week cycle provides 13 batches throughout the year 2023, now fast forward, we can see how terrible this idea was. When i go to the stores there are mixes numbered 4th or 5th and that’s it, , You want me to believe they provide all the rest in time ? Yeah right, give me a break…

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