Toyota Corona Exiv Nippon Denso JTCC 1995 Box set, by Inno64

Touring car fans, this is your moment. Finally Inno64 is making again touring car models and I cannot be more happy with it. If you follow my articles for a while, you may know I’m a big fan of touring car era, specially the late 90’s and the famous 1997 BTCC season. I have not given up hope that more BTCC cars come, or someone like Spark finally tool some at upper scale. Anyway, let’s enjoy ourselves with what Inno64 is able to produce and let’s have a closer look at the new variations of the Toyota Corona Exiv Nippon Denso JTCC 1995 coming in a nice box set collection.

For many collectors (like me), packaging is very important. In this case, the box set is ultra qualitative but provides both cars in the usual packaging. It means you have the opportunity to display your two models like usual and won’t have headaches to figure something to display a big display box. It’s smart and obviously the box set is really nice. It opens on the side with a little magnet and have some foam to maintain the cars.

We know that some guy in the Inno team is crazy about JTCC and I believe this lucky man had a big opportunity to express his passion! I’ve already featured the Toyota Corona Exiv on the blog so I won’t spend many time reviewing the car. Just know it gets a plastic chassis and it doesn’t roll, but again I think it’s really OK looking at what car is tooled here. I wouldn’t like at all a touring car that isn’t lowered to the max and doesn’t get cambered wheels or half covered wheels.

Looking at the livery, the red and white with touches of blue is really fine for this car. Nippon Denso sponsor is a company making parts for cars. The cars are from 1995 JTCC and something interesting must be noted : one of the drivers is famous 24h of Le Mans 9 times winner Tom Kristensen (also known as “Monsieur LeMans”). Head to Google to see his amazing track record.

All in all, I’m totally in for this set and for this type of cars. I love the car itself, even if I’m not particularly interested in this car, but more in the style of the car. Bring more touring car models, it’s too cool! You can find this set on eBay for a price around 40$.

For now, I’m up to date with this casting I will be collecting and displaying!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. Great looking model. Inno64 are really the best IMO for detail. I appreciate how many racecars they do.

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