New casting alert! Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (KPGC10) by Inno64

A new casting is always welcome even if it’s (again) a member of the GT-R family. Let me introduce you the latest new mold of Inno64 with this stunning Nissan 2000 GT-R, also known as the “KPGC10”.

As always the brand is bringing different variations of the new casting with 3 models to collect. The model has been introduced at the Malaysia Diecast Expo 2023 last month and both of them are replicas of real 1:1 cars you could spot on the Inno64 booth (the orange version and the white #50 version). The KPGC10 is a very late 60’s car (1969 to 1972) and was made only in Japan, but became a legend through time. Actually, a KPGC10 is near 100.000€ … not bad for a JDM sport car that was considered as an ugly car.

Many manufacturers tooled the Hakosuka, but how many did it right ? I remember nice versions from Konami, Japanese plastic versions, Kyosho, Car.Nel (maybe the only premium brand to put the mirrors on). From now, collectors can have a superb version from a premium brand with 2023 specs and diecast tools abilities. The car seems very accurate, it is quite narrow and gets this sporty look that Inno64 is a specialist of.

Looking at the mold itself, as above mentioned the proportions seem accurate with a quite narrow and long car. You can spot the iconic surf line near the rear wheels, and the fenders extensions. The best details are obviously the JDM mirrors on the hood, really making a KPGC10. Chrome details are also very pleasant (bumpers, taillights, front grill and also the “GTR” logo on the front). Looking at the interior, the sporty sky seats are present such as the wood console. So nice details.

My favorite of the 3 is definitely the silver version, not only because it is iconic, but the paint quality is amazing (almost competing with Tomica Limited Vintage). That silver is amazing and I love the contrast with the black sporty wheels. Simple but effective. The orange after market one is a replica of a real 1:1 car and looking at the pictures, the model is very near reality. Manufacturers cannot go too far with 1:64 minicars so the tires treatment and the wheels treatment cannot be perfect (that is maybe the only point I have to say about this version compared to the 1:1).

Looking at the white #50 version, it is also a replica of a 1:1 car that was physically at the Inno64 booth during the event and is obviously paying homage to the legendary KPGC10 race car (that I’m sure we will see very soon from Inno64!). You can find all 3 versions on eBay.

Well, I have nothing much more to say except that this casting is a very good one. I’m sure many racing versions will come, such as maybe black and red street versions. Now, I believe that only the Kenmeri is left to tool to have the complete GT-R family … to be continued.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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