Matchbox Monday begins the 2023 Collectors series

Premium Matchbox stuff. Not sold in the UK (boo), but with thanks to Wheel Collectors in the USA, I am still able to keep up with releases. They sell these on their site, and sent me this batch to go through and blog about. Well, that’s what I did this week. 5 models in batch A of 2023, 2 of which being new castings. I had my usual little piece of fun. You can check it out at this link, which takes you to my blog page on their website. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Guess what ? …. this like many other MB series is unavailable in my area (can’t speak about the rest of the country though), hw on the other hand is abundant just like in the U.S.A or Canada, pegs are full of 1-250 series, tracks, packs, Jurassic Park and Fast & Furious, why Matchbox can’t be like that ?

  2. They easily could do it but the whole supply network in the U.K. is that broken that I’ve just stopped bothering now. I genuinely believe they just don’t want it to work outside America.

    1. As UK seems to have more outlets now to buy.. which is good. It still seems limp.
      No major advertising to boost this brand. Outlets just stock basic mainline and they are the same at different prices.
      I know it’s early to get this brands foothold, but it’s as though there’s nothing there.
      Many items/lines are being made and they are not coming to the UK.
      It’s a shame because if you have a product to sell… You want it to be seen and heard!…( Not just online).
      Each country has a different taste… Pegwarmers for some and popular to others.
      More Europe style trucks too… But we know if they made item’s like that, they won’t turn up.
      Tbh… I don’t go out of my way anymore for this brand.
      I hope this brand does well.

      1. I think after the latest fail at distribution it’s time to accept that Matchbox in the U.K. has had its day. Hot Wheels has a big enough presence to make it pointless retailers stocking Matchbox. Add into that a half baked plan that never gets new stock you wonder why they bother!

  3. Unfortunately I share both your sentiments, suddenly having lots of new Matchbox stockists should have been the boost the brand needed but its the same early 2023 batches over and over again. Where are the Collectors and Moving Parts range which Collectors are desperate to buy?
    There has been a huge increase in 1:64 diecast collecting with adults over the last few years of all brands yet our retailers haven’t bothered cashing in. We just get the usual Mainline and Hot Wheels and ever more nasty HTI Teamsterz generics.
    As an aside I did find last years Target exclusive Matchbox Retro Series in Yorkshire Trading Company for just £1.99 each.

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