Matchbox Monday is Porsche-ing it up

This week sees me tackling a set of cars from the best car manufacturer of all time. Porsche! I am very thankful to Luke McKenna (@matchboxluke on Instagram) who obtained this set and shipped them over to me from Australia. Thanks, Luke. As usual, this set sees a half “new” and half “carry forward” system. It almost makes for a “2 halves to the report” look to it. I hope you enjoy it. As always, it is over on the Wheel Collectors website, and this link will take you to my Matchbox Monday page.

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  1. What’s the point of this website – at least the majority of the Matchbox stuff – if you just post it on Wheel Collectors? And “this link” never takes me directly to the article, but to the main page featuring your articles. I really enjoy your stuff, but have to wonder why the recent, mildly annoying shift over to having most of your Matchbox-related content on another website.

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