Matchbox Monday tackles 2023 batch C basics

Another week, and another batch of Matchbox models, which I am posting about on the Wheel Collectors website. They supplied me with 2023 batch C basics, shown here. Thanks guys. I much prefer these smaller batches, as I can get on with them in one sitting, rather than try to split them up into smaller groups to discuss. There are some real highlights in this batch, and I am thoroughly enjoying this 70th Anniversary celebration look on a selection of vehicles. I hope you enjoy my little report, and can get past my bad photography here. I am still busy testing out different settings on my camera. This setting is a no. But I only discovered after taking all the pictures. You can click here to go to their blog page.

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  1. I’ve found the green McLaren and red Mustang Mach E from 2022 case F in these assortments in some Tesco stores, (date code R50 and no number on the card so looks like a re-run) Are there any more carry-overs?

  2. Slightly off topic but 2023 Case B and D now appearing at Poundland as well as 2021 Case E which barely appeared at Tesco at the time. Yet another UK retailer taking on the brand unless these are one offs?

    1. Nice one Mr Tetlow,
      I checked out two in my local nearest city. One Poundland had long cards of an old mix, with Chinese stickers.
      The other had three brand new boxes of batch B I believe, of this year’s lineup with the FedEx van. On short card at £1.50 each.
      Hope this is a new outlet too… Like many years ago. Good to see this brand in many outlets.
      I hope more variety like opening parts and special unique lineups come this way. Best of UK again…..

  3. There’s this guy from Australia, by the name of Tyrone, he’s a vlogger on Yt, some months ago he presented a box full of power grabs, he mentioned that Volvo as it was shown on the back of this box, but much to his dismay it turned out it’s not there. Now we know that i’ts going to be a lovely model, finished in metalic blue, for some unknown reason model has been delayed he concluded. If i had to choose just one model from this years 1-100, Volvo is my number one as it looks so good, so much better than usual 1-100 models, it’s definitely worth the wait !

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