Matchbox Monday goes nuts with Working Rigs

Every now and then, I need to try and up my levels of content again. I don’t want to avoid too much in the way of Matchbox stuff, but I also don’t want to drift too far behind. Here we are in April 2023, and I still have a few 2022 items to review. One is the final batch of the Working Rigs series, with a final batch of Hitch & Haul, and a last set of Moving Parts coming in a few weeks.

So with this, I also jumped straight into 2023 alongside the final batch. I won’t be with Moving Parts. The batches are larger. Hitch & Haul, well, the batch as is, features 4 sets, but each set has 2 castings, so also runs longer. As is often the case, these Working Rigs batches were both supplied to me by Wheel Collectors. And as you know, the article will be appearing on their blog page, which you can click here to open in a new tab. I hope you enjoy it.

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