Matchbox Monday looks at 2023 Batch B (+ a couple of extras)

Batch B of the 2023 Matchbox range is now being discussed on my weekly report. There are 8 regular issues in the batch, and all were supplied to me by Wheel Collectors as usual. There were a couple of additional models. Target in the USA now has a special series mixed in with basics, and with a little help from @wyoming_wheels in the USA, I was able to obtain the first of those which appeared in batch B, but just at Target USA. I also finally managed to track down a Super Chase from Batch A, which was omitted from my talk of that batch. So I threw that in at the end too. Because, why not? I hope you enjoy the article. As is now the new norm, it is a lot shorter than they used to be. Time constraints have me cutting things down as I couldn’t keep going with how I was doing it all. I can only afford so long to get things done. I hope you still enjoy it, though. It is here at this link in the Wheel Collectors blog.

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  1. I find it curious how this site – specifically Matchbox Monday – has essentially become a way-station to a completely different site. I really miss the halcyon days of this place. I get that life moves on, folks are busy or that’s it’s just easier to use existing social media platforms to deliver content but for the likes of me, digital luddite that I am who doesn’t subscribe to Zuck’s social media models, it’s been a sad slow drain of fun, engaging content from this site in the last couple of years. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da I guess.

    1. Agreed. I don’t mean any ill will, but I do miss the way Matchbox Monday used to show up here. It’s just as nice over on Wheel Collectors, but you can’t help but feel that Lamley is beginning to fracture apart. I also personally don’t prefer the Youtube content; I like to enjoy my diecast in text and photo form 🙂

  2. 2023 is the worst year ever in terms of Matchbox availability in my country, the good news is that it won’t get any worse than that, as Matchbox is literally unavailable in my hometown and 3 neighbouring cities.

  3. I would love to see Matchbox being bought out by a third party, maybe this way, those of us who prefer MB will be able to collect stuff stress free, don’t you think ? Curren’t owner either don’t give a flying fart about MB or can’t handle the stuff, either way it’s harmful to us collectors, i have enough of this… With current situation, we collectors won’t get very far 🙁

  4. I live in a Polish city with population numbers similiar to that of York (England) or Grand Rapids (Michigan,USA), as You can see i do not live in the village but in a city, there’s no excuse for an awful MB distribution. period.

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